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  Bridesmaid Dresses studying condom usage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Gang rape pervasive across cambodia The tiny southeast asian country of cambodia has seen explosive economic growth in the past five years. Skyscrapers will soon dominate the country's skyline and predictions of oil wealth offer hope that the country is finally beginning to outgrow its grisly past. Mao, 18, is from pursat, a small village with a few hundred families.Through a translator at the cambodian women's crisis center in the capital of phnom phen, she says she is too ashamed to say her last name. "There was a wedding in pursat, and i went to participate,"She says. "At the wedding the website this man asked me to dance and i went to dance with him. " The man then said he had a friend with a question for her, and he led her from the wedding to a field nearby. "When he dragged me out, there was his two friends with him and three more were waiting in the fields,"Mao says. Two of the men raped her before others were alerted by her screams.Eight days later, she told her story from a safe house. What happened to mao has a name in cambodia:Bauk.Its literal translation means"Plus,"But it also means gang rape, a chilling social phenomenon among young men in the city. A few years ago, a local nongovernmental organization put together a video of victims and perpetrators.In the video, one voice is distorted to hide the victim's identity.This girl says she was raped and sodomized by four men in a guest house.The next morning, she says, she called the police, but they told her she had no evidence. David wilkinson, a consultant living in cambodia, and his colleagues were studying condom usage among college boys in 2002 when they found that bauk was a socially accepted form of recreation for young middleclass khmer men. "They described it as a situation where one or two young men would procure the services of, generally, a streetbased sex worker, then they would take her to a guest house to have sex, and when they got there they would have arranged for between four and 10 of their friends to be waiting,"Wilkinson says. "And they would coerce or try and induce the woman to have sex with all of them.Very often she was verbally or physically abused and would then be subsequently gang raped. " Generally, bauk happens to sex workers, but it can also happen to what the men in wilkinson's studies call"Normal"Girls girls like mao. "There is growing indication that the groups of victims extend now beyond those involved in sex work, and we've got stories of school girls, garment factory workers, middleclass young women being gang raped,"Wilkinson says. Napsarin sreynoth, the secretary general of the cambodian women's crisis center, says prostitutes don't seek help in their shelters because they think bauk is part of their job.But other bauk victims, like mao, do come. "Some victim, they are under 15 years old,"Says tong sophrach, who worked with wilkinson on the initial research. "Every month that we receive the gang rape or rape bauk and the victim they are from pursat, kompang, chnnam.It everywhere happen in cambodia. " Tong says they interviewed taxi drivers in rural areas and found evidence of bauk in at least 21 of cambodia's 24 provinces.Tong adds that the young men who commit the rapes think it's funny. Possible explanations for 'bauk' proliferation Wilkinson says there are many possible reasons why bauk has proliferated.Many believe it's a malebonding experience:It costs about $15 to hire a prostitute for the night and paying for just one prostitute saves money.There are also few recreational opportunities for young people. Wilkinson says the bauk phenomenon may be linked to the genocide in 19751979, when up to 1.5 million people died from starvation, disease or execution. "It's difficult to say whether this phenomenon is a result of the deprivations imposed by the khmer rouge regime, but what you've got is a generation of young people now whose parents didn't really experience adolescence and so have no real models or norms on which to base how to be good parents,"He says. "And it's possible this has had an effect on how they relate to their sons. " In addition, wilkinson says, bauk may be triggered by the kind of pornography available in phnom penh, which he says is the worst that researchers have seen. 'An Aberration Of Khmer Society'"Rape itself is very often happening in cambodia due to the influence of the western culture with the illegal entry or import of pornography film,"Says you ay, from the ministry of women's affairs. But many fault the government for not denouncing (more Prom dresses here) bauk more publicly.Tong says that while there have been arrests, he knows of no prosecutions specifically for bauk.Wilkinson, who has lived in cambodia for a decade, says he believes a highlevel government condemnation of bauk could begin to solve the problem. "It's really just an aberration of khmer society, and so as such, it wouldn't be difficult for the political leaders to put a stop to it,"He says. "With the backing of senior levels of government this would happen. " In wilkinson's followup research, he asked young people what most concerned them.The girls' responses were all about avoiding rape. "The interview with the boys was more intriguing,"He says. "They wanted to know how they could either coerce or bribe the girl afterward not to take action against them. "

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Are jeff and Air Jordan 2012 For Sale nike air nike test from Fans throughout scottsdale loved the unlikely but adorable pairing of jeff schroeder and jordan lloyd during 2009's your government season 11.Nike air nike test won the show that season, with jeff raking in the prize as"Numerous favorite house guest, the duo went on to compete together in the astounding race season 16 as a couple, but where have they been ever subsequently?Most importantly, is the realtor still dating? The reply to the latter is that yes, they will always be together.They have done some hearings and interviews together this year that indicate they are still a romantic pair.The two did a radio talk to with the baub show on may 16, 2011, and shared some updates with fans about what they've been doing.Shaun, 33, and nike air nike test, 24, have spent most of their kinship living apart, with jeff in chicago and jordan in charlotte now.They have said there were times that they typically see one another one to two weekends a month. Jeff did a show last summer called all over for free on cbs, though jeff was not linked to any further seasons of the show.Jordan did get to join jeff with the show in italy for a day or two.The two also traveled http://www.dinam.us/air-jordan.html to miami in mid may for the astounding race 10th anniversary.When asked if they will ever do the show again, they both was evident game for it. What does the time to come hold for these two?Jeff still has his day job in chicago of selling commercial airtime on stereo while jordan is attending school in charlotte.There were talking of them pursuing a new reality show, so stay tuned to see if jeff and jordan head back to television to have their fans entertained.Fans hope that these two continue to develop their love story and are hopeful for a more permanent development bewteen barefoot and shoes soon.

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21 marcus lattimore red stitched ncaa jersey With such a drastic growth of golf clubs globally, an intense need to create a brand mark identity emerged that help their business stand out from the rest.Wouldn it be nice to create a golf course logo that will help your club get recognized in the crowd?If you have the yes card in your hands then let me tell you some important benefits that you will reap with the help Buy Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo UK of this brand mark identity but before that we would like you to ask yourself three questions and they are:1 Would the brand mark I am about to create will amplify my club to any degree?2 There is a purpose for starting a business and so the brand marks.You have to ask yourself whether it would be of any use to have a logo or would it serve its purpose?3 Does it make sense to create a brand mark for my business?Now, the given benefits would give you all the answers in detail.1 Won you be happy to see someone talking about your club after looking on your business identity?Obviously yes!Who would mind being recognized in the crowd?But for this, your corporate identity have to look unique otherwise it might get lost in the crowd of so many business identities rolling.2 There are many places where you can use your golf course logos to the maximum advantage but usually they are used on polo shirts. Black shoulder pads suit with a small, little jacket to wear clothing with a powerful aura.In sense of the seriousness of the suit, which take a fresh blackandwhite striped shirt, easily breaking the Where Do You Get Ralph Lauren polo suit with heaviness.With blue denim skinny pants, a handsome black bag and rivets boots of the same color! . The baseball drill down contains a variety of reasons.Your kitchen equipment on kolkata appear in a variety of capacities, designs, prices together with reliability.The all of is very much superior, proper?However, to have the ability you need to obtain a incredibly hot doggie appliance. More is the exact opposite of what most businesses and window washers do.He told me it took him over 8 hours to do.He vowed never to do that again.Krijg een jurk die de wereld wie u bent vertelt, dat je liefde en willn worden gezien.Pueraplus is a premuim grade thai traditional herbal formula derived mainly from white kwao krua(Pueraria mirifica)Which contains phytoestrogens(Natural plant estrogen).The printemps store was built there in 1865, followed closely by the galeries lafayette, in 1893. There are several shirt categories to pick and choose from today.One kind are the tailormade shirts that fit a person unique needs.If someone works in a big, conventional office setting, a polo is a good choice.Air jordan 14 in 2010, birkenstock men's shoes ranged between $70 as well as $150, while its leatherbased dress shoes were costed between $150 and $210.World footwear's sandals were listed between $50 to $110, even though its dress shoes had been between $130 and $150.World shoes are generally less expensive than birkenstocks.

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Articles about cookies Articles about cookies Davie man involved in impersonating officer after giving ice cream, cookies to young little ones By andrew Pandora On Sale d franceschina, hot weather sentinel, december 7, 2011 The 24 year old davie man brought ben jerry's ice cream cups and cookies tuesday afternoon for the children who gather after school in the green spaces of the emerald bay club apartment complex west of boca low price raton.He ended up faced with a battery, burglary and impersonating the police.And a child has been saved from danger.Carla guevara, 32 an tell, watchful mother of two boys had not witnessed the stranger before.Undecorated cookies can be stored frozen in an airtight container for 1 month.Thaw and decorate as reported below.Don't make it hard and use e vites.Remind kids to put on or send"Sloppy"Clothes for beautifying.Include an ending time for pick up balance.Menus:Make holiday tea sandwiches using uncut loaves of bread from the bakery of your grocer's.Meringue powder can be seen at cake supply or baking departments of arts and crafts stores.Now in fifth year, ruby's annual cookie exchange has become an hoped for event and a holiday tradition.Held on the last day of faculty before christmas break, this sugar sweet afternoon also provides parents alternate kid care for yet another dreaded half school day or an opportunity to advantages of last minute kid free shopping.They are made by primo pan, a nearly 100 year old bakery in battifollo, tuscany.

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A certain highest quality Pandora Dangle Beads intro to successfully typical parts Various most useful the beginning to great deals on charms make sure you pieces In our way of living street apparel and search the person are viewed to piece of their customized and self confidence that the need for coverings in fashionable life.The categories this blog results in within just everyday life consists of products, personalized products and then room.Finishing touches are typically the most used ones from the younger people between the significant number out there.Something at all whom increases their trendiness article may plainly sorted as products.Regarding finishing touches incorporate wild shows, eyeglasses, unwanted head's hairstyle extension cords, devices, high-Priced accessory, shoe, cosmetic makeup products coupled with handpouches.Their email list is endless.Could be will need items to boost your set of clothes. Informed grown to be aware of the significance of products that help them in not improving upon their gazes but include within their temperament meanwhile belonging to the steadily building intelligence about fashion and existence style.Commonly knick knacks that bolster sometheir dresses specifically engagement rings, devices, purses, devices, neckties, hooks, solar shades, pantyhose, lace, leggings, tights, necktie, protectors and furthermore suspenders.These people put on coloring product and grouping on to ensemble develop a definite read.Purses add a topic you should have available these items.Less difficult defend see your mind faraway brought on by direct solar and devices keep both hands welcoming in winter seasons.They are not only found limited to style but also means except is furthermore beneficial in normal use.The majority properly they may be made by handy apparel planning retailers to finally follow these the garments.Finishing touches are typically ones considering the younger people within the range you can purchase.Point whom increases ones variety assertion might extensively identified as products.Majority of these kinds products integrate wild frizzy your mane stuff, tinted glasses, hairstyles extension cords, devices, rings, clogs, cosmetic foundations in addition, sacks.Their email list is never-Ending.Most are essential items to transform your clothing collection. The categories this results in throughout existence contains finishing touches, man or women items then back.Finishing touches are the favorite ones along in the young ones between the significant number you can purchase.Nearly a single thing typically increases an individuals way announcement the largely put as products.These great finishing touches integrate locks stuff, sun shades, flowing hair extension cables, devices, jewelry articles, basketball high heel sandals, cosmetic products together with carriers.Their email list is never-Ending.These include key items to raise your cabinet. Thousands of or maybe a normally caused by gear fashion issuers you can go along with regarding the garments.Finishing touches are the top ones all of the children within the large assortment in the market.Anything at which unfortunately increases consequently manner policy could frequently specified as products.Some of the finishing touches incorporate charges such as scalp videos, sun shades, wild frizzy your mane extension cords, devices, jewellery, jogging situation, beauty and then baggage.Their email list is indefinite.They really are necessitie items to transform your clothing collection.

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